On a work break

Hi folks,

Sorry. but my responsibilities for Steps will keep me from authoring more posts until after January 18th. There’s plenty going on, and I will get to it. I’m currently writing a series of courses for parents, teachers and tutors, to help them move out of the standard “critical approach” that is taken today in education. This work will be done soon. If you are a homeschool teacher, tutor or parent, there is a free course waiting for you at our site. It’s called The Goals of Education. You’ll find it at www.StepsEd.com. It’s for you! Please take a look. We have to do something dramatic to change the education paradigm, and this is a part of my effort to do so. It utilizes the book Poor Cheated Little Johnny as core text, which I have excerpted several times on our blogs. Thanks! Will write more provoking articles soon.

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