Some thoughts from Poor Cheated Little Johnny

Hi folks,

Just thought I’d share some thoughts from the book with you while I’m away working. The book, Poor Cheated Little Johnny, is all about education today, how it has failed us, and what we can do about it. The book is available at

“I do not want tractable children. I do not want children who have no dreams. I do not want children who get along, who fit in, who belong to a dying civilization. I do not want children who duck for cover when times get rough because that’s the safe thing to do and that’s what people do. I do not want children who do not ask what is going on, and who do not demand real answers.”

“Teaching today is a profession for many. But at one time, teaching was a calling.”

“Education and schools are about people. When they work, people make them work. When they fail, people make them fail.”

More later!

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