Happy Father’s Day, Homeschool Dads!

Hi everyone,

Today is Father’s Day in the United States. On this day, children are expected to honor their fathers. I’d say that not all fathers are worthy of being honored, but many are. Among those perhaps most worthy of praise are homeschool dads. There’s a largely forgotten group! When we imagine homeschooling, we generally think of homeschool moms. But I know several dads who do the job, either because Mom works, Dad works at home, or Dad is alone with the children.

I was a homeschool Dad for about 7 years, until my children finished their schooling. Before that time, I taught at their private schools (to pay their tuition as an exchange) for about a decade. There were many days I wondered if all that effort was worthwhile. It seemed far easier to “deposit” my children at a public school. But they never went to public school, and overall, flourished as homeschoolers, or in very small-sized classrooms. And their curricula was better while homeschooling by a wide margin 🙂

I believe that the end results justified my years of work. My daughter is now 23, my son 19, and they are very self-contained, caring, smart,creative people. My son is a working actor,. my daughter a writer. I’m pretty sure I did something right. I’ll see them later today. They’re coming over for Father’s Day.

Homeschool Dads, I think you will eventually find that the end results will similarly justify your hard work, as well! There are certainly going to be days, and possibly weeks or months when you’re not going to be too certain about the end results, but hang in there. You’ve taken on a great and wonderful responsibility, the education of your children. And whether you can see it or not, what you do on their behalf is almost certainly going to be more valuable to them then anything they would have received from a school. In the end, that’s probably why you homeschool, isn’t it? To provide your children better opportunities for a happy and fulfilled life. If you are homeschooling with even fair or reasonable success, that’s precisely what you are accomplishing. And that, along with keeping our children healthy and safe (a job homeschool excels at when compared to ANY school) is the parent’s most important assignment. So, well done!

Dads who homeschool – this is YOUR day. Don’t teach today! Kids who are homeschooled by Dads – how about letting him know what a good thing he’s doing for you? It’s HIS day, make it wonderful for him!

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  1. Russ Person
    June 18, 2013 at 2:19 am

    Thank you for celebrating home-school Dads! I’ve been told we are only 1% of parents who home-school. I invite all fathers to join in as much as they can!

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