Awesome Ted Talk with 11 year old Homeschooler!

I love it when people (read “public school teachers”) imply that homeschooled children receive an INFERIOR education, especially given the superior test scores and results that homeschooling regularly achieves.  What hog wash!  Not only do homeschoolers learn “traditional” subjects more thoroughly than public schoolers – but they are free to investigate the world and to discover their own calling, their own interests in ways public school students never are.

Take a look at this remarkable Ted Talk with an 11 year-old homeschooler, talking about organic farming.  Isn’t this the sort of result we’re after as parents and “educators”?

Ted Talk with 11 year-old homeschooler

This sort of thing is a great reminder of why we homeschool.  If you are struggling with homeschooling, whether you’re a student, parent or homeschool educator, this should provide some encouragement and motivation.


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