Children’s Bill of Rights – Right to be Involved in Decisions Involving the Child – Children’s Responsibilities

The following is part of a series of articles on the rights and responsibilities of children and of families. On our site, we’ve published a Children’s Bill Of Rights, with all of the sections in the bill. You can take a look at Children’s Bill of Rights.

Let’s look at the rights and attendant responsibilities. First we’ll show the right, then in italics and in red, the child’s responsibility. I’ll follow each of these with my comments. I’ll keep the comment on each of these short.


Right to be Involved in Decisions Involving the Child

Every child has the right to have explained to him, in a manner easily understood by the child, any pending decision that is being thought about and that would change the life of that child. The child also has the right to have his own ideas and opinions about such decisions, and to express them. The child has the right to be consulted regarding any decision that will change his life.

You have the responsibility to listen and to work to understand when decisions being made are explained to you. You have the responsibility to express your opinions and ideas, but in a calm and respectful way. You have the responsibility to remember that your parents (or the adults you are dealing with) are “in charge” in such cases.

Children are not property. They are feeling, thinking human beings. They deserve an explanation that they can understand when their world is changed in some way by those who have the power to do so. At such times, it is the child’s responsibility to attempt to remain calm enough and sane enough to really listen. A true discussion should occur, with both sides calmly expressed. The adult should explain why things are being done as they are and what the compensation to the family will be that will benefit the child as well. The child must understand that adults (parents) have the right to live their life.

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