Steven David Horwich has been an educator for 40 years, and has taught at the University level (USC, UCLA, others), for LAUSD, in private schools, and in private workshops.  He has experienced teaching at just about every level one can, and has come to his conclusions in that manner.

He writes articles on human rights and homeschool rights.  He has also spent 10 years authoring a comprehensive homeschool curriculum for ages 5-adult, as a part of his on-going effort to make homeschooling more inviting and more easily done.  Originally intended for his own children, and utilizing his own unique non-critical approach to teaching, his program has been used by over 20,000 students worldwide.  You can take a look at his curriculum, see free samples, download free courses, have your homeschooler take a free literacy/reading test, and enjoy many other free services at Steps.

Steven has authored two books about the current and disastrous situation in education, how to fix it, and how to homeschool with success.  You can take a look at his books at Steven’s Books.

To find out more about Steven and his work as an educator, as well as his award-winning work as a writer/director/composer, take a look at Steven’s Bio Site.