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On a work break

Hi folks, Sorry. but my responsibilities for Steps will keep me from authoring more posts until after January 18th. There’s plenty going on, and I will get to it. I’m currently writing a series of courses for parents, teachers and…

Poor Cheated Little Johnny released!

Those of you who have been following my education blogs for the past few months are aware that I’ve been authoring a book on education. Today it was released on our site, at www.StepsEd.com. It’s called POOR CHEATED LITTLE JOHNNY. The book spells out what education is, what it could be, how it’s gone wrong, and it provides many methods to provide a student a vastly superior education, particularly for homeschool. The book also takes apart the problems with schools private and public, and how they might be made to actually work.

Schooling vs Education

What marks a Lincoln, a Shakespeare, a Twain or an Edison for greatness is their remarkable personal drive. It is unique. Few people are as driven as these men, and without that drive, some sort of formalized and structured educative experience is going to be necessary in this complicated world. Those marked for greatness by their unique drive provide themselves with an education.