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On Tuesday, March 29 at noon Pacific Daylight Time, I’ll be delivering another free webinar about homeschooling. This one will cover those difficult questions most parents ask themselves at some point in their homeschooling career, such as “am I doing the right thing?”; “Who am I to teach a child”; “Is my child actually learning anything?”; “What about socialization”, and the like. (This was suggested by a mom who called in to our last webinar, Mervet. Good suggestion!)

We’ve started sign-ups, and will only accepted a limited number of attendees. You can sign up now at:


The way we do these, you can just listen, or you can call in with questions and become a part of the discussion. You just need a phone. The info can all be found at this link. (You can also listen to last week’s webinar there.)

NOTE – We did the webinar, and you can hear it for free as a podcast,along with other webinars we’ve done covering homeschooling issues,  at